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Best Articles 2010 of Your Personal Advisor in Commercial Finance Blog

 We decided to summarize the 2010 by publishing the list of the most popular posts of the year.

    Taking into the account that not all the posts were published at the same time, we were using  statistics , as well as we used the basic calculations of the amount of people, who read the post, divided by the amount of weeks published.

Enjoy! And we hope that this blog is useful for you and your company!

Best wishes in 2011!

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 1. The absolute leader was a blog post: #loanmodchat on Twitter. How to join? 

   If you still don’t know what the #loanmodchat is  you can read more about it in this post and join us, of course the next Thursday, January, 6th. Theme: Note A/Note B split for senior #notes. What you should know?  Part 2

   #loanmodchat now has it’s own “home” blog and we promise you that next year we’ll invite a lot of interesting people to host the chat and we are always open tou your ideas regarding the themes you want to discuss.

Read more about #loanmodchat here

   2. This blog Do-It-Yourself Commercial Loan Modifications and Loan Workouts was very popular among the readers , so we gave it place #2.

   “Commercial Debt Restructuring or Commercial Loan Workout, sometimes can consist of a singular adjustment (modification) of commercial loan terms, which is usually referred to as: Commercial Loan Modification(s)

   However, more often, Commercial Loan Workout is a precise combination of two, three or more, permanent and/or temporary loan modifications performed concurrently”. Read more 


3. Multifamily Commercial Real Estate: Creating a turnaround management plan & obtaining a loan workout. 

 Although this post was just recently published, a lot of readers wrote us how useful it was, so we gave it the place #3

“On average 14.63% of CMBS multifamily loans are delinquent right now, but the % varies from state to state and in this case a well thought through turnaround management plan should be created. This would help the property owner not only obtain a loan workout plan, but to have more clear vision of the way out of the “free flow” condition, the turnaround management plan should help the manager to think without any emotions and give an adequate assessment of the current assets situation: which properties should be given away, which properties should be kept and turned around.” Read

4-6. Commercial loan workout examples.(Part 2, Part 1 & Part 3)#loanmodchat transcripts.

These transcripts took places#4, #5,#6 respectively.

As these are just transcripts of our conversations  that we are planning to re-work into the handbook in January, we think that it is still a very useful information for anyone who is seeking a commercial debt restructuring for their commercial real estate property loan. No matter if it the property is a multifamily building, an office building, an agricultural facility or a hotel.

Read more here:

Commercial loan workout examples. (Part 2)#loanmodchat Transcript 02.09.2010

Commercial loan modification workout examples.Transcript of#loanmodchat 02/02/2010

Commercial loan workout examples (Part 3) #loanmodchat transcript 02.16.2010

7. Distressed Underperforming Senior Housing Projects: turnaround management & loan workouts

Place #7 belongs to the Underperforming senior housing projects loan workouts and turnaround management post

Although according to an exclusive online survey conducted jointly by NREI and Senior Housing Investment Advisors, nea rly three-fourths of respondents who own or manage seniors housing facilities expect the level of occupancy at their properties to increase by an average of 161 basis points over the next six months, the subject of loan workouts and turning around the senior housing projects is  still very popular.

Read this post here.

8. Commercial loan modification. Do I qualify?#loanmodchat on Twitter.Transcript 01/19/10

Real estate economists are all giving positive forecasts regarding Commercial Real Estate in 2011. Nevertheless there is still $290 billion of distressed commercial real estate in the U.S. according to New York City-based research firm Real Capital Analytics.  Property owners as well as their consultants and attorneys want to know more on how to help their clients turn their businesses around, do they qualify for commercial loan workout? Therefore, this blogpost will be popular for a long time. Read the post

9. Getting commercial loan workouts and loan modifications, when a note is sold to the other lender.

10. The legal aspects of commercial loan workouts and restructurings. #loanmodchat transcript 05.26.10

 So, these were the best 10 of 2010! ~