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Special Dividend Announcement For GHS & VMIN


Special dividend for VMIN (estimated to be ~$11*).

Special dividend for GHS (estimated to be ~$1.75*).

Paid prior to year-end.

Please be advised that REX issued the following two press releases to provide information on special dividends for VMIN (estimated to be ~$11*) and GHS (estimated to be ~$1.75*) to be paid prior to year-end.  Ex date, record date, pay date, estimated amount, explanation on why these distributions need to be made can be found here:



*These are estimated dividend amounts.  The final number could be higher or lower, and could be substantially higher or lower, when officially announced in advance of the ex-dividend date. Investors are encouraged to monitor closely for the announcement of the official dividend amount, as this amount may vary substantially.

Please let me know if any additional email lists need to be added to these updates or if you have any questions.

Happy holidays and happy new year!


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