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Why I Like To Buy When I See Red!!

|Includes: AAPL, CLF, CSCO, HLF, J.C. Penney Company Inc. (JCP), NUS, RIO, YUM

There are many ways to invest and be successful in the stock market. I have found very good success buying when I see Red! In this bull market there are still times and opportunities to buy stocks when they have fallen. Through out this year I have followed over a dozen stocks that have fallen and then recovered. Buying such stocks would have given you the opportunity to make 10%-100% returns. (Don't believe me? Look where NUS was last January compared to where it is today!)

Some of the stocks I have had success with this year are RIO, CLF, APPL, NUS, HLF, YUM, SAN, and many more. My most recent purchases are JCP and CSCO. Cisco is a bellwether that isn't going anywhere! Because of the recent earnings debacle and recent sell off I believe it is prudent time to buy up shares. Along the way you will collect a nice 3.16% dividend that will continue to grow 7%-15% per year. One of my investing requirements is that you keep enough cash on hand to buy if the company slips further. No one ever knows when the bottom will be in for any stock and I am no exception. That is why if CSCO goes lower I will continue to buy. This investment may take 3 months or 3 years, but I am willing to wait and collect the dividend along the way.

JCP is more of a speculative investment. The stock had gotten so beaten down and was falling on such heavy volume that I stepped in and bought some shares. I bought at $8, $7.47, and $6.76. With the positive data that has be released with the same store sells, I feel like this recovery is underway and am excited to profit from it! With their upcoming earnings on November 20th we will get more insight to how their recovery is coming along. I believe that the company will not take out bankruptcy and will make a recovery over the next few years. This one could be a multi bagger!!

Oh yeah, one more thing. With the market at all time highs, it might be a good idea to buy some VXX for protection from the correction that is bound to come!

Happy investing everyone! I would love to hear comments and or ideas on any other investments you may have!

Disclosure: I am long AAPL, CSCO, JCP.

Additional disclosure: Please make sure you conduct your own research before buying any of the suggestions I have made in this article. You could lose all or part of your principle investment.