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Technological transformation for eco friendly shipping


Technology has transformed several industries for better prospects. As shipping industry is vast and good source of economy for every nation, hence it needs timely upgradations . International freights is medium of efficient communication between nations via air, road or sea as world is shrinking. As world has become very much aware regarding importance of trees and timber, recent developments aim to use these traditional rich renewable sources of energy. Petroleum based technology has also proved detrimental in packaging products for transition like earlier basics. Disposal of plastic is still major concern for environmnent .

Just imagine tones of diesel is used in shipping industry for small and large freights which all goes in smoke, hazardous to environment.

Technology for ship controlling:
This is designed as per e-learning method with online tutor. Various controls about handling ship will be presented in front of learner from electronic tutor, where entire library is available for his choice. Whenever the learner responds to any reactions of e-tutor, system records and saves them in database.

Land shipping uses trailers and trucks which use greener fuels as transportaion cost is less so consumers can pay more shipping quote. Many logistics specialist feel such initiative will make a dent in environmental balance for parcel delivery companies. Even American Express shipping company group have realized that for efficient delivery of cargo safely, consumers should pay an extra carbon tax, this is implemented for user satisfaction only to reap long term benefits. This can hit dwelling as large consignments are transported overseas. Large organizations usually are in terms with shipping companies due to change in norms and are ready to support green cause by paying carbon tax. Corporations do this as regular consignments are in transit and large shipping quotes are involved for valuables.

Polythene bags are often used for packaging consignments. This enabled the path to urbanization. Challenges come with more use of plastic bags, grease and moisture being prime culprits for manufacturing other products. Need of renewable plastic materials is felt, which enabled some plastics being manufactured from oil refineries, this is very important to keep environmental balance. Polythene bags have other degrading factors which take us back to fact that though cutting trees is bad but we can actually plant 2 trees for each being chopped for rapid industrialization.

Scientific advancements have paved way to production of new packaging like grease, moisture etc without use of poly liner. Now, new products are made for shipping containers and raw materials too are recyclable, obtained from renewable source of energy . This is very feasible substitute and useful in making container boards for production of durable and large shipping boxes. Proportion of oil and moisture can vary as per industrial and legal terms for protection of goods and heavy freight quote too. These, developments have ensured safe shipping, as nano technology is effective for application of coating of water at the walls of bags. Shipping has crucial role to play in environment as is very dependable on recent developments .