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For Monday

First, the results:
Last session's score :   7 out of 8 went higher  intraday.
See for yourself, before 10h tonite (22h ETD):
or check for yourself starting with my prior post in this blog.


Now for the next session (what my clients have been informed intraday): 
(intraday picks that topped 10% have now been included but I suggest you do not look at them as trading opps.)

ABT.TO Absolute Software Corp. (ABT.TO) 4.03 +0.08 +2.03%
BPZ BPZ Resources, Inc. (NYSE:BPZ) 3.95 +0.22 +5.90%
CLQ.TO Canada Lithium Corp. (CLQ.TO) 1.02 +0.07 +7.37%
DHT DHT Holdings Inc. (NYSE:DHT) 4.54 +0.12 +2.71%
ENTR Entropic Communications Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTR) 9.07 +0.22 +2.49%
FEL.TO Fairborne Energy Ltd. (FEL.TO) 4.31 +0.18 +4.36%
GNH.V Golden Hope Mines Ltd. (GNH.V) 0.50 +0.03 +5.26%
IZN.V Iberian Minerals Corp. (IZN.V) 0.80 +0.02 +2.56%
KGN.TO Keegan Resources Inc. (KGN.TO) 8.90 +0.47 +5.58%
SOL ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE:SOL) 9.51 +0.39 +4.28%
TRZ/B.TO Transat A.T., Inc. (TRZ/B.TO) 18.15 +0.36 +2.02%
VGD.V Visible Gold Mines Inc. (VGD.V) 0.61 +0.11 +22.00%
WIX.TO Winstar Resources Ltd. (WIX.TO) 3.57 +0.08 +2.29%

Naturally, if you are already in these stocks, like my clients, it is much better... Up to you now...
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