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Next year, I will start shorting Google's stock. I don't see any more growth potential.

|Includes: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Let me be the first to say anything bad about Google's stock.  Next year, the behemoth should start its descent back to earth.  Pay per click advertising isn't as critical as it used to be, and its search engine spiders are getting easier to manipulate by the day.  This spells "loss" for the search engine giant.

There are many simpler methods for generating website traffic without getting Google's blessing on everything. RSS, Blogs, and Web 2.0 don't need Google to be relevant or useful to the hard working internet marketers that are swarming the web to sell you something.

I don't want to seem to be jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, but who could ignore the obvious fact that Facebook will soon be eating Google's lunch.  Wordpress, Posterous, Ning, just to name a few, are all onboard something new that is totally "ungoogle" that could easily thrive right along side Facebook.

March 2011 is when we should see Google sweat out junk just to stay relevant. And, let the shorting begin!

Disclosure: I have no positions on GOOG (Google Inc) at the time of this article.