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Quick Chat 128. 12/08/2010

Thanks to all who participate here, in OG's Quick Chat.  Please be respectful and appreciate the liberty of this space.  

Stocks and topics mentioned in QC 127 include: 

Equities and investment topics discussed in QC 127:  Silver, Gold, Precious Metals, Rare Earth Elements.  AXPW, CRDC, C, CPST, DMYDY, DRYS, DXY, EGI EMMCF, FRMSF, GPRLF, GDLNF, IVAN, JPM, KNDI, MCP, MEE, NATUF, ONCY, PAL, SLW, S, SPX, T, VZ, WMT, XIDE.For Rare Earths, see TripleBlack's instablog. Please send any links to new instablogs to this email, for reference posting.

Participants are requested to make appropriate disclosures with regard to investment positions.