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Quick Chat #164, April 4, 2011

My version of Pandora's Box.  THis one was published originally as a spot illo for a children's text book (4th Grade Reader, as I recall).  Who says public schools lack the ability to yield a quality education anymore?  (Actually, I did, recently, but this was arguably published far enough back to where they were a tiny bit better than today...  I can imagine getting the call from California to illustrate the new elementary book which would be examining the new sex-neutral version of American History, now a necessity since they just passed new legislation requiring it...  LOL, gone are the days when the large California Dept of Education's textbook preferences would dominate the listings of books made available for everyone, in every state...  And yes, folks, that's a little inside tip, by way of explanation of outcome-based education...)

Greetings to all Renegades, visitors, fellow seekers after alpha, omega, and truth, and all the ships at sea!  I am tripleblack, and it is my distinct honor to pick up the baton passed to me by he who ran the last leg of this never-ending race, Hard To Love.  Thanks to Lower98th for carrying the torch before HTL, and of course to she who created Quick Chat, the glorious OptionsGirl.