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QuickChat #184, June 16, 2011

Rather than post another of my decorative illustrations (or one that might add to a topic under discussion), I am taking the rare step of addressing the group with this QC intro.

Recently there has been a breakdown in the longstanding tradition of QC's maintaining a civil and good-natured pattern of participation.  Lines have been crossed and the overall quality of the experience has been threatened.

I am requesting that we make a concerted effort with this QC to regain that earlier equilibrium.  Prior to this point I have been ignoring many such abusive comments - henceforth I will not.  Noxious as I find the process, I will use the existing tools of the site to report abusive comments, with a view to eliminating them from this space.  This is ALSO a very intrusive and nasty process, in and of itself, and one that I hope will not be necessary.

If it helps at all I'll make this a personal request.