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QuickChat #239, July 31, 2012


Last QC we saw some very spirited political debate... Given the news and the season, its inevitable that politics will creep into our discussions from time to time. This time it did not drift over into nastiness, though it could easily become personal if we are not careful.

There seems to be a majority among the center-right group, and a minority center-left. When this sort of issue becomes too unbalanced, feelings are often hurt.

I understand that many might wish to discuss these pressing political issues, and I would encourage anyone who so wishes to crank up an instablog focused on political issues which impinge upon investments, and let us know its location. For myself I promise to visit and post some Libertarian viewpoints almost guaranteed to annoy both Republicans and Democrats!

I'd like this QC to be much more focused on investment themes, please.

I sense the investment tempo to be on the rise, with many fascinating topics bubbling pertaining to both our mining/commodity focus and some major company news. The international investing prospects are more challenging than ever, and we are facing official recognition of widespread recession in the EU over the coming month.

Now, on with the QC!