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Today gold price

Today is the best time to buy gold. This year gold has rise more than 25%. It's not uncommon to see gold reach high record this year. And it will still reach a new record in the future. There are many reasons for this.

There is a lot of uncertainty about recession and geopolitical. This year we have a lot of debt problem from Euro nation, like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Spain. Don't forget about the North and South Korean tension. Historically, gold has been a risk aversion instrument. Price of gold will rises sharply during a fear financial crisis or war. It will then drop when crisis is over and investor are willing to take greater risk.

There are a lot of government shifting their currency reserve to gold, like India and China. Last year, International Monetary Fund (NYSE:IMF) sold 200 metric tons of gold to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Chinese Government also advices their citizen to buy gold along with silver. Due to strong economic growth in China and India, their people can buy more gold.

US Dollar free fall is triggering gold new record. The lower the USD, the higher the gold. Many people are still in doubt with the US economy, hence making USD not a favorite currency this year. US has got lots of budget deficit. U.S. Federal Reserve has done a lot to bring the economy back on track. They have been pumping more than $2 trillion into U.S. economy. It also has lowered Federal Funds rate to a record-low range of 0%-0.25%. But it still doesn't help much the economy and US Dollar. Hedge funds is buying gold in order to hedge againt USD freefall.

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