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Frankfurt Exchange Cleantech Investor Trading Alert for July 4th; (PS4.F), (GZA.F), (CYW.F)

Frankfurt Exchange Cleantech Investor Trading Alert for July 4th;  (PS4.F), (GZA.F), (CYW.F)
Q-Cells solar road show: Next generation of Q-Cells solar modules is on tour
Point Roberts, WA 04 July, 2011-, a leader in cleantech investor research issues an investor trading alert for cleantech stocks trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, for July 4th.
Today, Q-Cells SE, one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies, has started a unique solar road show with a Q-Cells branded truck that will serve as a mobile show room for partners and customers. The truck will stop in different locations in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France between July and October 2011. With this road show, Q-Cells aims to strengthen its network of partners throughout Europe and promote the next generation of Q-Cells solar modules as well as the issue of solar energy in general. The Q-Cells truck starts its tour today, 4 July 2011, in the Italian town of Gonzaga (Mantova) and will tour Italy, one of Q-Cells’ key strategic markets, until 8 July, before continuing its journey in Germany. 
Phoenix Solar AG (PS4.F) closed with a gain of 0.05 (0.27%) to $16.81. Just a week ago, the company said that it reached an agreement to build a 2.6 MW solar power plant near Nettuno in the Lazio region of Italy. Etrion will own the power plant, and Phoenix Solar will design, construct and provide operations and maintenance services for the park. Construction is expected to be completed by August 31, 2011.
ALGAE.TEC (GZA.F) ended the day at $0.30.The company said last week that it proposed demonstration scale algae facility will be located at Manildra Group’s 100 MMgy ethanol plant in Nowra, Australia.
CITY WINDMILLS (CYW.F ) closed at $1.05, loosing some of the gains from Friday’s trading.   According to the company, “City Windmills seeks to radically transform the dominant paradigm of energy production and consumption around the globe. .The company integrates the two notions of powerful energy production from wind and proximity to the end user. Blending the concepts of aerodynamics, architecture and safety for the owner, City Windmills © are wind electric turbines designed to be attached to buildings or integrated into the very form of the buildings. With City Windmills ©, buildings and other structures will not only consume electricity, but produce it on-site.”
Clean-technology companies, industrial users and research institutions in Germany and Switzerland have together founded Hydrothermale Carbonisierung e.V. Using HTC, biomass is converted into environmentally friendly biocoal. In this way, the HTC process is making an important contribution to climate protection and the efficient use of various forms of biogenic waste, such as landscape waste, communal biowaste, forestry and agricultural waste, as well as sewage sludge and industrial waste such as spent grains.
Frankfurt Cleantech Stocks Sector Trading Snapshot
Solarvalue AG (SV7.F) shares ended the day at $0.434.
3Power Energy Group (PSD.F) fell 4.50% to $0.64.
KSB AG (ETR:KSB) surged 0.60 (0.11%) to $542.60.
CITY WINDMILLS (CYW.F ) closed at $1.05
Q-CELLS(XETRA: QCE.DE Ticker: 555866 / ISIN: DE0005558662) closed at $1,632   0,247 (17,83%)
This article is part of a series of articles examining the cleantech sector on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Showcase Cleantech Frankfurt Wind Stock City Windmills:
City Windmills © was founded in early 2010 and has carried along its idea of building an efficient, enduring and cheap windmill, adapted for home use, for industrial level use and for larger sized wind farms. With City Windmills © and the low cost of production per kWh, any home can afford electricity at grid parity costs.
Several steps of developments allowed the City Windmill © system to evolve from producing energy at 0, 12 € (0, 14 US$) per kWh, then at 0, 09 € (0, 11 US$) per kWh and finally at 0,065 € (0, 08 US$) per kWh. This production cost, while amortizing the price of a City Windmill © over a period of 20 years (as for other power producing plants), is competitive with every other energy source. And this is achieved without any subsidies. In an unsubsidized environment, the payback can be as short as 4.5 years.
The company is targeting the $20 Billion outdoor advertising industry with a new concept in green outdoor advertising, combining clean energy technology and advertising.  
City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F) is a company in the development phase, with the design, development and marketing of revolutionary small wind turbine systems clean flachblättrigen deals. The business model of Wind Mills City focuses on revenue generation from the production of clean energy from small wind turbines, along with advertising revenue. More info
Visit the profile for City Windmills, Ltd. (CYW.F)
View the company’s presentation:
Sean Kelly, Chief Financial Officer
City Wind Mills, Ltd.
+41 22 310 8603
sean.kelly @
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