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Who Knows FSLR Better Than Its CEO

Many investors are still very pessimistic about the solar sector and many are still in short position despite the big gain on Tuesday, April 4/9/13. Prices surge over 44% after First Solar's CEO came out with a positive guidance on 2013 through 2015. Many wrote unfavorable articles about FSLR and the solar sector in general, gave indisputable reasons why this sector wouldn't survive and would be 90% bankrupt in the near future. I assume these same investors are tightening their fists and grinding their teeth when they see FSLR's ticker turned green on CNBC.

Who would know about FSLR's business better than it's CEO, Mr. James Hughes. On Tuesday 4/9/13, Mr. James Hughes gave a strong outlook on his company's business and earnings all the way to 2015. Mr. James Hughes stated "I believe in my company, I believe in the industry and I believe that the energy world is just beginning to understand the capabilities of photovoltaic products."

In recent months FSLR made some acquisitions, and that alone indicates that the company is growing with a healthy balance sheet. FSLR is expanding its business globally in Chile, Australia, India, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other parts of the world. FSLR is working with these countries and to help build solar plants to help them be less dependent on power generating fossil fuels. And at the same time, the solar plants will help them create cleaner air for their country and the world.

FSLR is due out with its quarterly earnings on Monday, April 29/13. I believe that if this stock receives any more good news, FSLR will give the short side the squeeze of its life time. And that would make the bullish investors laugh out loud to see the pessimistic side run for cover.

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