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High Pressure Comminution

Ball mill for Cocoa grinding

Binq, a grinding mill and related powder processing equipment manufacturer in China, can provide wide range of products: jet mills, impact mills, ball mills and laboratory grinding equipment, etc.

Our grinding mills are extensively used in industries like non metallic mining, chemical material manufacturing and developing, new material developing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and developing, battery manufacturing, superhard material and metal powder processing and manufacturing, porcelain building material as well as many other material manufacturing and developing.

The Nibrotom 3000 has been designed particularly for the pre-grinding of cocoa nibs, nuts, almonds along with other seeds with high fat content. This machine combines superior results and an optimal particle size distribution having a relatively low wet sieve residue. This in turn ensures the best possible efficiency of all down stream refining equipment, notably ball mill.

High Pressure Comminution

High Pressure Grinding rolls (HPGR) are similar in principle to regular grinding rolls but material is subjected to much higher forces. HPGR consists of a pair of counter rotating rolls, one fixed and the other floating. Material is fed between the rolls with the floating roll pressing against the material flow by means of hydraulic pressure in excess of 50 MPa. The resulting force causes the material to compact by interparticle breakage. Pressures and roll speeds are adjusted to obtain optimum grinding conditions. The roll faces are typically studded because of improved wear characteristics.

High pressure grinding rolls have the capability to fill the roll of secondary crushers and primary/secondary grinders. Often applied as a replacement for conventional SAG milling circuits, they result in lower energy consumption, lower grinding media consumption and lower operating costs. They also tend to have a smaller footprint with easier installation.

Ball mill balls cement

The matrix of nodular iron is changed through isothermal quenching. It embodies high strength, super high toughness and wear-resistance. It has been widely applied in mining industry and is fit for mill. It has been widely applied in mining industry and is fit for mill.

1. The abrasive resistance is higher than middle chromium ball, similar to high chromium ball, far outweigh low chromium ball.

2. The Ductility is more than all the ball of high chromium,middle chromium and low chromium.

3. The rate of ball Broken is almost zero, no stoppage of Grate seam,and enhanced the efficiency of Mill powder.

4. Lost round rate is extremely low, Greatly improved the efficiency of Mill powder.

5. As the specific gravity is only 7.1t/m3,10% Lighter than normal metal,it will reduce 10 % of the capacity, 10 %to 15% power consumption and increase 5% of output.

6. Reduce mill noise 3-5 Decibel.

7. ”Free charged”:This kind of steel ball reduced at least 10% power consumption,only the Tons of cement node can enough offset the cost of Every tons of cement ,so ADI grinding balls is called as “free charged” steel ball.