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ALU LightRadio

|Includes: Nokia Corporation (NOK)

                                      Brief Introduction

  1. LightRadio is an innovative technology of powered antenna array which enables the integration of RF into antenna.
  2. LightRadio Cube, the core product of LightRadio product portfolio, is a super-small RF unit comprising duplexer, amplifier, thermal sink. It is expected to become micro BS by integrating baseband processor in two years. 

  1. Theoretically it may reduce TCO of telecom carriers by 50%. Specially, over 30% of CAPEX and over 20% of OPEX may be saved.
  2.  It reduces cost and loss of feeder and increases system gain by 2db, diminishing the size of antenna and lowering power consumption, which enables it to be better for urban zones.
  3. Small BS allows to be installed conveniently in cities, even at bus stops.
  4. Baseband pooling based on cloud infrastructure with the help of HP helps to solve the problem of low usage efficiency caused by tide effect

  1. Limited coverage due to heat radiation.
  2.  Interference may increase due to RF integrated into antenna.
  3. Poor ecosystem may cause the deployment to be actually expensive and inflexible.

  1. Over 100 carriers have signed trial contracts so far.
  2. Some trials are estimated to convert into commercial use from Q3 2011

  1.  It goes towards a correct market evolution direction. Once successfully, ALU could increase its presence in BS. Even if it failed to gain a satisfying market share in BS, it is likely to benefit from the construction of optical network on condition that the concept and design are widely accepted by the industry and technology proves to be feasible as well.
  2.  Technology maturity is not right time to tell until some time after commercial use.