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My comments on article "8 overbought stocks".

On 11/19 I sent the following comments to Seeking Alfa regarding the Title article:
1. CLRT is hanging around 5 based on possible acquisition by GE.
2. DKS is a good company and it's making money. The only reason for price decline would be to fill the gap created on 11/16 on a high volume. Should the decline stabilize at around 31-31.50, that could be a new base with possible buy point.
3. GLDD is a very good company with strong fundamentals and increasing fund ownership. Should the price, which at 7.17 is actually under 70 RSI, reach 7.35-7.40, that could be interpreted as a buying point.
4. GPI is in the ~75 RSI area and should decline. But to justify shorting there should be a reason besides RSI.
5.JAZZ is a pharmaceutical company wit very good fundamentals. The RSI indeed is very high and in addition, there is a gap in the chart and sooner or later this gap will be filled. Pharmaceutical companies are very tricky as the new drugs are subject to a lengthy approval procedures. In my opinion JAZZ is a company with a good future and they make money. I wouldn't short JAZZ.
6. KEI's price jump and consequently the RSI is high due to a merger situation and I wouldn't recommend shorting.
7. OXPS is an option brokerage wit an established clientele. OXPS also furnishes option trading tools to the clients, who in turn don't mind the higher commissions. I would not recommend shorting to a trader who does not watch the chart daily.
8. SM Energy is a part of Kinder Morgan/Copano investment of $150,000,000 to build 111 miles of pipeline facilities to serve Eagle Ford shale production from Chesapeake and from SM Energy according to YAHOO Finance. This may have caused the SM price sudden increase. So, again no reason to short at this time.
Regards George.