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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Exemplifies Movement For Localized Energy Generation

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The technologies involved in the generation of useful energy are changing more rapidly than at any time in history. The technologies involved in the transition from wood to coal, and then to oil and natural gas, took far longer than the move to hydro and nuclear power. In historic terms, today's developments in wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources have occurred in the blink of an eye. And with these most recent developments has come an awareness that our entire approach to power generation may also be changing, away from large scale centralized power plants and hydroelectric dams to far smaller scale production centers serving specific towns, neighborhoods, or even individual homes and buildings.

As efficiencies increase, it becomes feasible for homeowners and private companies to use solar and wind power for isolated application. More than an environmental movement, it is seen as a way to escape dependence upon the grid, although technologies like net metering make grid connection valuable by allowing meters to run in reverse as power is sold back to the grid. In spite of still existing regulatory barriers that can make it difficult for small power generators to fully benefit from their energy contributions, some degree of shift toward multi-source small-scale energy appears inevitable.

For SEFE, developers of one of the most revolutionary energy approaches since the invention of the solar cell, localized power generation is a natural application. The company's Harmony system taps the earth's own atmosphere as a source of abundant, clean, renewable, and efficient electrical energy, in virtually any location or weather conditions. The system's 24/7 capabilities mean that it can be operated independently, in remote locations, and with no connection to the grid, but it is also easily scalable for large applications, powering significant populated areas.

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