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SEFE, Inc. (SEFE) Team Focuses On Intellectual Property And Game Changing Technology

Although SEFE has been developing what could end up being one of the standout inventions in the history of renewable energy, the Colorado-based company was founded not with the primary intention of manufacturing a product, but rather with an eye toward the profit potential of intellectual property, allowing the power of game changing technological breakthroughs to drive product solutions in the marketplace. Toward this goal, the relatively small company has managed to attract some of the best in their respective fields to turn their concept, of tapping the earth's atmosphere as a source of endless clean electricity, into a reality.

• Don Johnston (SEFE CEO) has served as a senior executive for several companies over the past two decades, and has an extensive financial background. Among other things, he led the team that raised over $75 million from Wall Street for a recapitalization effort, and has been directly involved in the purchase and sale of companies.

• Michael Hurowitz (SEFE Director of Engineering) is a scientist and engineer as well as an experienced entrepreneur, with a background in nanotechnology, optical materials, aerospace antenna systems, and consumer electronics. He is an Alumnus of the Guy T. McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs for Engineers, and excels at building productive collaborative technical teams.

• Ryan Coulson (SEFE Lead Scientist), with his education in engineering physics, is passionate about addressing in an environmentally sound way the world's ever increasing demand for energy. He is known for his ability to conceptualize creative and practical solutions.

SEFE's technical team has done what few thought possible. They've developed, and are now testing and advancing, the technology to capture limitless amounts of usable and clean electricity from the earth's own atmosphere, in any kind of weather and in any location. Unlike wind farms or solar arrays, which use massive arrays to collect energy that must then be converted to electricity, the SEFE system has a very small footprint, and collects electricity up front. In addition, the SEFE system works all the time, regardless of sun or wind.

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