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AxoGen, Inc. (AXGN) Peripheral Nerve Repair Submission Receives Outstanding CTBS Abstract Award

AxoGen, a company engaged in the science and commercialization of surgical solutions for peripheral nerve repair, today announced that its submission on findings from the RANGERā„¢ Registry, an on-going study for the AvanceĀ® Nerve Graft, was selected for an Outstanding CTBS Abstract Award and was accepted for poster display at the American, Keystone, Colo., September 8-10, 2012.

Titled "Clinical Results from a Multicenter Registry Study on the Use of Processed Nerve Allograft for Sensory, Mixed and Motor Nerve Repairs," the abstract demonstrates the successful recovery of 87 percent of cases involving 66 patients and 92 injuries suffering peripheral nerve repair. The analysis shows no reported graft related complications, tissue rejections, or adverse events.

According to Erick DeVinney, director of Clinical and Translational Sciences for AxoGen, the RANGER Study is the largest, multicenter observational study in peripheral nerve repair, and that receiving the Outstanding CTBS Abstract Award reflects the value of the outcome of the study.

"We are very pleased to see these levels of meaningful recovery across sensory, motor and mixed nerves," DeVinney stated in the press release. "The selection by AATB for an Outstanding CTBS Abstract Award speaks to the importance of this study in demonstrating outcomes from peripheral nerve injuries repaired using processed nerve allograft."

AxoGen said its Avance Nerve Graft is the only commercially available processed nerve allograft for surgically repairing peripheral nerve discontinuities.

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