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It's Lightning In A Bottle For SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)

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To catch lightning in a bottle is to do the near impossible, capturing something of tremendous value, power, or potential, but something that is almost impossibly elusive. Yet, in the case of SEFE, it comes close to being an almost literal truth.

SEFE is a Colorado based company that has found a way to trap for useful application the immense electrical potential of the earth's own atmosphere, the very same power that gives rise to lightning, one of nature's most awesome and fascinating displays. It's lightning that makes clear just how much power there is in the air that we breathe every day. In the case of lightning, the movement of vast quantities of moist air is believed to play a key role in generating the tremendous electrical differentials that eventually lead to the spectacular discharges we see as lightning. Though much is still to be learned about lightening, a single lightning bolt can represent an electrical differential of several hundred million volts, and there are over a billion flashes of lightning around the world every year, triggered most frequently by thunderstorms in temperate moist climates.

Capturing the enormous power of lightening itself remains little more than a dream, but SEFE has confirmed that the atmosphere contains huge amounts of untapped electrical energy independent of thunderstorm activity. This is continuous energy, available regardless of weather conditions or location. Moreover, the company, after years of research, has discovered a way to get and harness this clean electrical energy directly from the air. SEFE continues to devote a significant amount of its time to securing protection for its clearly game-changing discoveries, with a growing list of patents, while uncovering new findings in this largely unchartered field.

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