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GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Takes The Challenge Out Of Redaction

|Includes: GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (INLX)

Redaction, the process of editing information to prepare it for its final use, is often today associated with the filtering of digital records to carefully remove or otherwise secure any private information that some viewers are not authorized to see. It's a process that is of growing importance due to the increase in record digitization and communication together with the mounting number of laws controlling the flow and access of information. Still, in too many organizations, such processing remains largely a manual function, inefficient and error prone. It can make comprehensive compliance with privacy and dissemination laws difficult or impossible.

Intellinetics, a subsidiary of GlobalWise Investments, delivers a practical answer to the challenge of redaction. The company, providers of Intellivue, an advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system available as a cloud solution to document management, offers Redactivue, an advanced automated document redaction solution with accuracy, flexibility, power, and ease of use. Redactivue supports user-controlled, semi-automated, or fully automated redaction methods, and can be used with existing document management platforms, or function as an end-to-end document management system. Its open architecture also allows the addition of Redaction-Aware document viewing within any external software application, such as to a web portal for fee or non-fee document consumption over the Internet.

Redactivue features include the following:

• Deployment Flexibility - allowing use as a pre-process for an existing system, an end-to-end automated redaction enabled document management solution, and with Redaction-Aware document viewing management for other software applications

• Redaction Dashboard - providing a robust analyst tool that streamlines up-front and on-going administration, and real time redaction filter testing for powerful accuracy optimization

• Configurable Quality Assurance and Approval Workflow - offering customized quality assurance and approval workflow by document category, and customized document folder structure by document category

• Roles Based Redaction - allowing different redaction levels for simultaneous accommodation of different views for the same document

• Dynamic Rules Engine Eliminates Re-Work - meaning that new redaction rules or policies can be updated automatically for all documents previously processed, with only new "hits" visible

• Comprehensive Auditing - providing redaction history preservation, including rules applied and user approval activity

• Integration through .NET software development kit (NYSEARCA:SDK) - allowing publishing of redacted images, and integration of Redaction-Aware document access into any existing software application, in addition to publishing of images to a website for either fee or non-fee based public consumption

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