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TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TSYS) Launches Next-Gen 911 System

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TeleCommunication Systems recently announced its new suite of Next Generation 911 (NG 911) systems. This comes after the acquisition of microDATA in July of 2012. The new NG 911 system is fully NENA i3 compliant and provides services to wireline local exchange carriers, VoIP service providers, competitive local exchange carriers, and wireless operators. It combines TCS' carrier-grade Emergency Services IP Network (ESINet) and national text gateway with microDATA's ESINet and CPE solution.

Based in Annapolis, MD, TeleCommunication Systems is focused on the development of mobile communication technology, with components in E9-1-1, text messaging, commercial location, and deployable wireless communications. The company is also involved in cloud computing, wireless applications for navigation, search, asset tracking, social applications, and telematics. The company has clients in government agencies utilizing TeleCommunication cyber security expertise, professional services, and highly secure deployable satellite solutions for mission-critical communications.

TeleCommunication claims that several technologies are evolving to bring their NG 911 systems to life: legacy circuit-switched infrastructure is being upgraded to all-IP-based systems, and SMS services are being accepted. This will allow wireless operators to utilize TeleCommunication's cloud-based services, as well as allow the public the ability to quickly send information such as addresses, photos, and videos to emergency responders.

Ron Westfall, research director, Service Provider Infrastructure, Current Analysis, said, "NG 9-1-1 is the future of emergency communications and response. This pivotal transition will provide the public with options to contact emergency services through the communication pathway that best suits their needs. TCS commands the experience and market position to drive the transition for wireless carriers and PSAPs across the United States."

Chris Nabinger, senior vice president and general manager, Safety & Security Group, TCS, said, "Over the past decade, the ways in which people communicate have radically changed; therefore, the method in which the public contacts 9-1-1 dispatchers must keep pace. NG 9-1-1 not only addresses the public safety needs of tomorrow, but it also solves many of the challenges we face today. Our 2012 acquisition of microDATA, combined with our expertise in delivering wireless E9-1-1, optimally positions TCS to deliver this comprehensive suite of NG 9-1-1 solutions to enable fast and detailed emergency communications while increasing interoperability between PSAPs."

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