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Unilife Corp. (UNIS) Announces The Commencement Of Additional Unifill Stability Studies For Multiple Target Injectable Drugs

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Unilife announced that an additional U.S.-based pharmaceutical company has begun stability and evaluation studies of the company's Unifill syringe for use with multiple injectable drugs.

The target drugs - including pipeline drugs and commercially approved drugs that will benefit from lifecycle extension - are high-value therapeutics for chronic diseases requiring periodic injections. The new pharmaceutical customer is also reviewing additional Unilife devices for potential use with some of its other injectable drugs.

"The supply of Unifill syringes to this pharmaceutical customer for use with so many of their injectable drugs at one time is a major accomplishment," said Alan Shortall, CEO of Unilife. "The customer cited the unique value proposition of the Unifill syringe, with its automatic, integrated and highly intuitive safety features, as a key factor in their selection process. This is not surprising, given how attractive and differentiated the Unifill syringe is compared to conventional prefilled syringe technologies."

The commercial value of the solid relationship Unilife has established with this customer is anticipated to quickly grow beyond near-term device sales as the company formalizes a series of clinical development agreements and commercial supply contracts. Going forward, Unilife expects to generate accelerating, incremental revenues with this customer, with peak annual demand ranging between 25 million and 35 million units of Unifill every year for their initial target drug series.

The pharmaceutical customer is one of many such companies that have chosen Unlife's devices to enable or enhance delivery and commercial success of their injectable therapies, and a substantial amount of business activity continues across Unilife's commercial pipeline. In the past month, Unilife has met with senior executives from more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies as part of advanced, continuous discussions relating to every device platform across the company's portfolio. Unilife looks forward to announcing the formalization of many of these commercial relationships in the near future.

The world's first and only known prefilled syringe with automatic safety features fully integrated within the glass barrel, the Unifill ready-to-fill syringe is a primary drug container, safety device, and needle containment system all in one. Contrasted with ancillary safety products attached to prefilled syringes, Unifill has the capability to help streamline fill-fill systems and greatly reduce transport, packaging, and storage costs. Residing within the drug-fluid path are USP Class Six-compliant materials.

The Unifill syringe is designed to be safe, simple, and convenient for use by both healthcare workers and patients who self-administer prescription medication. An audible and tactile click signals both the injection of the full dose and the automatic activation of a needle retraction mechanism. Users can control the speed of needle retraction directly from the body into the barrel of the syringe, and the combination of the automatic, operator-controlled retraction features can help virtually eliminate the risk of infections from needlestick injuries, as the plunger is automatically locked after needle retraction to prevent reuse of the device and to encourage disposal.

The Unifill syringe is currently in production at Unilife's York, Penn., facilities and is available for supply to interested pharmaceutical companies.

Unilife is a U.S.-based developer and commercial supplier of injectable drug delivery systems. The company's broad portfolio of proprietary device technologies includes prefilled syringes with automatic needle retraction, drug reconstitution delivery systems, auto-injectors, long-duration subcutaneous pump delivery systems, and targeted delivery systems. Each of these innovative and highly differentiated device platforms can be customized by Unilife to address specific customer, drug and patient requirements. Unilife's global headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in York, Penn.

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