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Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SYMX) Agrees To Conduct Study On Applying Gasification Technology To Produce Green Chemicals

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Synthesis Energy reported entry today into an agreement with an undisclosed U.S.-based firm aimed at determining the best strategies for implementing the company's own proprietary gasification technology, U-GASĀ®, for producing so-called 'green' chemicals from waste and landfill feedstocks. The financial and technical data developed in the study will help determine plant guidelines for up-scaled processing requirements.

Synthesis will have some help from globally recognized construction, engineering, and procurement firm Fluor Enterprises in leading this engineering study, and the company will be looking hard for a perfectly tuned combination of waste feedstocks. The source material once again gives SYMX the chance to showcase how robust their gasification technology is. Designed principally as a silver bullet for cleanly harnessing the maximum potential of low-grade coal seams, the technology is also able to process a wide range of feedstocks in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The company will be looking at a variety of inputs here from used tires to auto-shredder residues and other refuse-derived fuels, taking the materials through to production of commercially viable methanol products. The necessary, associated processing infrastructure on the drawing board should win extremely high marks in the environmental sustainability area, as in all we are looking at a very clean system here, taking chemically hazardous waste that would otherwise impact the environment and performing the conversion to methanol via an exceptionally low emissions profile. Add to this fact the proposed facilities would be able to do nearly complete carbon capture and we are talking a reciprocal value bonanza.

The study being commissioned is largely shielded in certain respect due to a confidentiality agreement on the one hand and the highly competitive nature of the cleantech sector on the other. As it would be unwise to divulge further details about the deal, or the un-named U.S.-based company behind the study's commissioning, SYMX will be dropping more information on such details towards end point targets in the (anticipated as being) four month study. Post completion of the study, SYMX will be looking to further the relationship with this important potential partner and advance to the next logical steps of the overall process.

President and CEO of SYMX, Robert Rigdon, commenting on the versatility of the company's gasification technology, described how it would allow for an exceptionally clean use of the waste and landfill materials in question, producing high-value end products while helping to green the environment. Rigdon went on to extol how such technology can help us drastically reduce the overall carbon footprint associated with so many of the chemical products that we use on a daily basis.

Rigdon pledged to work hand-in-hand with Fluor to produce a real shining example of the in-house technical expertise in this field possessed by SYMX. Rigdon clearly mapped out how success in the study should lead to a quite lucrative relationship, a relationship which will form the basis of a "technology, equipment, and services supply business" to meet this rapidly growing demand from industry in general.

We will be listening for good news from U-GAS developer SYMX as the study advances over the next four months, but investors can already take a closer look at the technology and at this winning cleantech developer by visiting the following website:

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