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BioTime (BTX) CEO Dr. Michael West To Present At Upcoming Cell-Based Therapies Conference In San Diego

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Regenerative medicine biotechnology company BioTime announced today that CEO Michael D. West, PhD will make a presentation at the Scale-Up and Manufacturing of Cell-Based Therapies II conference in San Diego, Calif., on Monday, Jan. 21. His presentation, "hES-Derived Clonal Embryonic Progenitor Cell Lines: A Novel Point of Scalability" will take place at 4:30 p.m. PST. During his presentation, Dr. West will describe BioTime's novel and propriety PureStem technology, which enables the industrial scale-up of more than 200 different human cell types in a highly purified state from human embryonic stem cells. He will additionally present new data that has been recently generated using this technology. The presentation will also be available on BioTime's Web site.

Scheduled for Jan. 21-23, the second annual conference is sponsored by Engineering Conferences International, which is a not-for-profit worldwide engineering conference program originally established in 1962. Engineering Conferences International provides opportunities for the exploration of problems and concerning issues to engineers and scientists from many disciplines. The upcoming conference will be focused on process development, scale-up, and manufacturing of cell-based therapies, bringing together academicians, clinicians, industry leaders, and regulators from across the globe to discuss the most critical scientific and engineering challenges in this field.

Pluripotent stem cells, like human embryonic stem and induced pluripotent stem cells, have attracted much attention in the research community and pharmaceutical industry as a potential means of manufacturing a broad range of novel cell-based therapies where cells, instead of drugs, are introduced into the body to regenerate tissue function. Of particular interest, however, are methods of reliably scaling up only particular and desired cell types from stem cells without contamination from other undesired cell types, since these new and powerful stem cells become all of the cell types in the human body. BioTime's proprietary PureStem technology solution generates monoclonal lines of more than 200 defined human embryonic progenitor cell types from human embryonic stem cells, allowing desired cell types like cartilage, bone, tendon, vascular cells, and many other cell types to be manufactured on an industrial scale while maintaining a high degree of purity and certainty of cellular identity.

Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., BioTime is a biotechnology company with its focus on regenerative medicine and blood plasma expanders. The company's broad platform of stem cell technologies is enhanced through subsidiaries that are focused on specific fields of application. The company develops and markets research products in the fields of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

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