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Canadian Solar, Inc. (CSIQ) Announces Launch Of Next-Generation Residential AC System

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Canadian Solar is one of the world's biggest solar power companies. As a leading, vertically integrated provider of ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar modules and other solar applications, the company designs, manufactures, and delivers solar products and solar system solutions for both on-grid and off-grid use to customers globally.

The company announced today the launch of its next-generation ResidentialAC system. The system combines the company's highly efficient 250W photovoltaic module with a state-of-the-art next generation 'micro inverter' to provide solar system installers and homeowners with a breakthrough solution that delivers high quality and cost-effective performance.

Canadian Solar's ResidentialAC system was designed from the ground up and will address all of the critical limitations of current, first generation AC micro inverters in the marketplace. Until now, photovoltaic system installers had to make use of these less efficient and costly micro inverters.

The company's breakthroughs include a 25-year long micro inverter reliability, power generation in temperatures above 65°C, compatibility and ability to work with higher power class modules up to 300Wp - up from the current 215Wp limit, and reliable and consistent data communication. The system also includes monitoring software, which allows customers to track solar panel performance to optimize its energy production.

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