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FalconStor Software, Inc. (FALC) Automated Disaster Recovery Solution Receives Long Island Software Award From LISTnet

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FalconStor®, a leading disk-based protection company focused on next-gen, continuous data shielding and a service-oriented approach to recovery/replication, reported today their automated disaster recovery platform, RecoverTrac™, was granted the 2013 Long Island Software Award last night at a ceremony in Garden City put on by LISTnet (Long Island Software & Technology Network), an established promoter of the software and technology community in Long Island.

This prestigious award is widely viewed within the Long Island tech community as a hallmark of local excellence in software innovation, and the superb extensions to the FalconStor Network Storage Server and FalconStor Continuous Data Protector made possible by the RecoverTrac technology fits the bill perfectly. The award comes as no surprise really, with many influential people in the Long Island tech community being users, as well as fans, of the full-spectrum capabilities of the technology for extending FALC's already powerful solutions within physical and virtual (both local and remote) environments, making automatic IT service restoration a breeze.

CEO of FALC, Gary Quinn, spoke fondly of the company's technology in the context of swelling amounts of information with which data centers must contend, not to mention the systems and services, all of which must be made continuously available to users. Quinn noted how RecoverTrac ensures that unquantifiably costly downtime, usually taking hours or even days to resolve, can be done in mere minutes, brining data center managers a degree of peace of mind over their ability to weather disasters without significant IT disruption, hitherto only dreamt of. Interrupted service, data loss, productivity loss, and everything that goes with them are at the top of data center personnel's watch list and the introduction of a truly robust tool like RecoverTrac seriously de-stresses commonly frantic IT personnel.

The ability to recover multiple machines with the press of a single button, making the normally arduous task of restoring IT services so simple, means IT managers can now prepare for network outages or complications via a non-disruptive testing protocol and framework that allows the production elements of the network to keep on chugging while various systems are put through the paces. It cannot be overestimated how crucial and time saving this kind of capability is to IT managers tasked with maintaining the health of the network, and this award is seen by FALC as a firm confirmation that they have met the market demand exceptionally well with their RecoverTrac tool.

LISTnet's reputation within the Long Island tech community, where they work ridiculously hard to amp up and amplify the engineering and software landscape, goes a long ways towards cementing RecoverTrac within the greater business community as a whole. This award is already being looked at as a significant milestone for FALC's data protection/recovery growth strategy, as it puts the stamp of approval on the company's technology from one of the most widely recognized industry authorities in the entire Long Island tech community.

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