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PITOOEY! Inc. (PTOO) And Leadership In The Digital Age

It has become almost an axiom of business that social media and other web-focused companies are structured and operated differently than traditional companies, and tend to be run by aggressive growth-oriented people more interested in creativity than hierarchy. It's an environment necessary in an industry that can change overnight, where revolutionary ideas and technologies are frequent and expected. PITOOEY! Inc., a growing digital marketing company founded on the idea that there is a better way of bringing together consumers and businesses, is an example:

• Jacob DiMartino (Chairman & CEO) began a rapid rise at age 18, with Phase 2 Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he started as an inside sales rep, but became Sales Manager within 3 months. He was soon promoted again to Director of Project Management, managing the company's biggest account and significantly growing their business over just 6 months. He went on to found Choice One Mobile in 2010, and is continuing its growth through his affiliate partners, including Maxx Merchants, one of the biggest credit card merchants in the U.S.
• David Sonkin (President & COO) was the creative mind behind PITOOEY!, based upon a successful career creating companies and associated patented technologies, beginning with a cell phone based theater guide called BroadwayPhone featured in The New York Times in 2007. He went on to develop a real estate market information access business called Open House On The Go, and later founded Mobile Caviar, a digital marketing company that has now produced and managed more custom hand-crafted mobile web pages than any other U.S. digital agency, sending over 3 million commercial texts.
• Rob Swope (Chief Digial Officer) started in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 telecom and cable companies, leading his teams to over $15 million in combined annual revenue. He went on to become the Communications Manager for Mobile Roadie, one of the biggest mobile app platforms in the world, later creating a freelancing collective called Rockstar Digital. He has been focused on the use of digital technology for creative and effective marketing.
• Patrick Deparini (NASDAQ:CFO) has served on the board of directors of three privately held corporations, and has also provided services related to securities law and litigation to a number of law firms. His experience has included responsibility for overseeing all operations as well as developing business strategy.

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