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Scorpex, Inc. (SRPX) Takes on Mexico’s Growing Baja Peninsula

In much of Mexico, the rules for waste management are changing, reflecting a growing population, tourism, and industrialization. In an attempt to tighten up waste management regulations, the General Law for Waste Prevention and Waste Integral Management was published in the Official Federal Bulletin for Mexico, and it became clear that additional resources were needed to address Mexico’s most severe waste management problems.
Nowhere is the subject of waste management more relevant than on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, the long strip of land running 775 miles from the southern border of California south to Cabo San Lucas, dividing the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. The area is a relatively large generator of waste in comparison to other parts of Mexico, as tourists and providers move in to take advantage of incomparable weather, a vast string of magnificent beaches, and a growing resort and hospitality industry. Agricultural waste is also growing, from areas suitable for growing citrus fruits, grapes, and other popular products, and the mining industry continues to develop.
Enter Scorpex, a Nevada-based company taking the necessary steps to build a full service waste disposal and recycling company, including toxic and hazardous waste, to serve the Baja California region of Mexico in the northern half of the peninsula. Scorpex Mexico corporate headquarters are located in Rosarito in Baja California, and the first Scorpex waste processing plant is being developed in nearby Ensenada.
The company has carefully planned and designed the facility, working closely with community representatives and expert consultants, and has complied with all legal and business requests at every level. As a result, the Mexican government has fully endorsed the Scorpex project, and a significant amount of construction has already been completed.
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