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SEFE, Inc.’s (SEFE) Clear Strategy for a True Energy Market and the Technology to Create it

|Includes: SEFE, Inc. (SEFE)
SEFE, Inc. has developed the intellectual property and subsequent technology for a system that can harvest electricity directly from the endless sea of static electricity in our atmosphere.
The Company doesn’t like to think of this as alternative energy. SEFE calls it True Energy, because they are drawing current directly from the source, not trying to generate current by some secondary means.
President of SEFE, Wayne Rod, in conjunction with Executive VP, Mark Ogram, founded the Company with the vision for a platform based on atmospheric energy harvesting which would effectively dominate the market due to superior cost, function and performance.
Rod co-founded the successful technology licensing company Net MoneyIN, Inc., with Ogram, prior to the formation of SEFE and has done extensive legal work in the private sector in addition to being a principal of “ATM easy” encryption solution developer BabelSecure LLC.
Ogram is a BS/MS in Systems Engineering (University of Arizona) with two years at Hughes Aircraft prior to attending Pepperdine University for his law degree (1979). A patent attorney for Texas Instrument before returning to private work in the early 80’s, Ogram spent the next decade developing the fundamental internet-based third party payment system concepts behind most of today’s internet Credit Card purchases.
The technology and market strategy these men have developed for SEFE is nothing short of revolutionary. Superior to existing alternative energy sources like wind and nuclear in terms of cost and overall performance, the SEFE system is also environmentally friendly with no substantial carbon footprint.
This type of technology, when the system has become ubiquitous within the energy industry and production scaled up to the point where standardized manufacturing of the various components matures into a thriving industry of its own, could have a substantial impact on our reliance on the vast majority of other forms of energy.
Anyone who has ever witnessed the power of nature first hand, such as a massive thunderstorm or a great bolt of lightning, instinctively realizes the true potential of ambient electrical charge in the earth’s atmosphere.
Plugging into that global atmospheric circuit, the way you would plug in a toaster, seems like science fiction, but SEFE has taken the first major steps towards the realization of such an incredible goal with the design of their commercial grade Harmony III system.
An entire fleet of up to 200 SEFE units can be linked together and managed seamlessly via secure encrypted wireless network from the Company’s Network Operations Center, where diagnostic functions and remote situational awareness can be readily established.
The promise of such systems in an increasingly strong regulatory environment makes utility companies and businesses which have an independent energy supply strategy particularly good candidates for SEFE technology.
As states like California ramp up renewable energy requirements, SEFE is there with a solution that could meet everyone’s highest expectations and do so without blotting out the horizon with wind turbines or having to wait on the performance/proliferation of other costly solutions like solar.
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