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True Drinks, Inc. (TRUU) Announces Summer Initiatives

AquaBall, a division of True Drinks, is on a mission to provide healthy hydration. AquaBall is naturally flavored water and overall a better choice for consumers across the country who are in search of a drink infused with benefiting vitamins. With absolutely no artificial colors or flavors, AquaBall is full of B3, B5, B12, & C vitamins and sweetened with the all-natural, zero calories sweetener Stevia.

"From the White House, to my house," stated Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks. "We all know that there is a crisis in child nutrition in this country and the solution starts with the most basic need: water. We see summer as a critical time to make a start, to make a change and we want to put a bottle of AquaBall in the hands of thirsty children across America."

True Drinks is currently launching its program in three different cities. And those cites include Los Angeles, Charlotte and San Antonio. These demographics are company targets for engaging community groups together in an effort to supply AquaBall to children's activity centers.

"What our children need is a healthy alternative," said Mike Levinson, RD. "Obesity is a massive problem in the United States, and it begins with our children and young adults. A large part of that problem begins with what they drink, sodas and juices loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Changing that habit, could change a lot of lives."

With the arrival of summer, AquaBall's unique and charming bottles adorned with America's favorite princesses, superheroes, and comic characters will be given to thousands of children who are active in a range of recreational activities.

"This is a beginning," commented Leonard. "We're a company, yes, but we're parents, too. AquaBall is distributed in 21,000 locations across the country. We want to make sure parents have a choice… and hopefully choose to take a healthier drink home."

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