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HotCloud Mobile, Inc. (HOTM) Provides Investors with Corporate Update

HotCloud Mobile, a top supplier of wireless products/services, from the hottest new phones and accessories for sale on the Company’s website, to exclusive mobile content and apps, provided a quarterly update to stakeholders today.
CEO of HOTM, David Bleeden, assured that the Company is dedicated to transparency and will continue to release such quarterly updates, as well as interim letters to shareholders, in addition to the already filed/required periodic filings with the SEC and newsworthy press releases. Bleeden affirmed that because HOTM is a start-up, it is crucial to the situational awareness and therefore confidence of the market that the constant flurry of activity behind the scenes is telegraphed in an effective manner, specifically for retail and institutional investors.
Bleeden pointed to the large historical customer base and “solid industry relationships” already rigorously cultivated by HOTM and explained how important fully leveraging these positions will be to achieving the Company’s projected growth trajectory. Via partnerships with FanMaxx, MacroSolve, and NexBoom, HOTM is able to experience rapid, organic growth, while adding substantial value per customer by using “patented, state-of-the-art, viral, social mobile technologies.”
Bleeden indicated plans to build out a multi-channel distribution framework through HOTM subsidiary, Stars Wireless, Inc., was already underway with the intent of being able to fully manage retail and wholesale channels. Bleeden further explained that the Company’s direct-to-consumer website, where HOTM sells the hottest new mobile handsets and accessories, would typify this fully operational retail/wholesale pipeline. Stars Wireless is destined to be the corner stone of HOTM’s equipment business and Bleeden assured stakeholders that it would have an industry veteran who really knows this business at the helm.
Bleeden described this marriage of “world-class products and distribution” at both retail and wholesale levels, with the hottest cutting-edge technologies, as the most fertile soil for growth. Pointing to the initial technology partnership, which was established with MacroSolve, Bleeden explained that the novel, patented technology would allow HOTM, as one of the first vendors of licensed mobile applications under the new patent, considerable advantage in the sector. This is particularly important when approaching potential licensees who are keen to the explosive private-labeled mobile applications space.
Bleeden then talked about the FanMaxx partnership and the shrewd move to develop an app targeting celebrities, athletes, entertainers and other buzz-worthy personages. The app is intended to help maximize the user experience for fans, while offering a seamless means of monetizing the fan base. Bleeden asserted that negotiations are ongoing with several potential licensees in the run up to the FanMaxx app launch slated for August, 2011.
The NexBoom marketing and distribution partnership rounds out developments for the quarter, as HOTM will offer its customer base and distribution muscle to the roll out of NexBoom’s tablet computer. The Company intends to offer a suite of co-branded mobile applications for the tablet, along with a premium mobile content platform. NexBoom will also help market/distribute HOTM’s apps to its own up to 100M user social media network.
Bleeden summed things up by citing a recent study by the world’s second largest app store, GetJar, which put a $17.5B price tag on the on the app market alone in the next three years. With major retailers selling iPhones and Androids in record numbers, there is an incredibly large market to grab real estate in.
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