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Scorpex, Inc. (SRPX) Praises US-Mexico Trucking Agreement

Scorpex, Inc., an emerging leader of industrial, hazardous and toxic waste disposal services in the Baja Mexico/California region, today applauded the recent US-Mexican agreement allowing each country’s trucks to traverse the other’s highways. The agreement ends nearly two decades of quarreling between the two countries over a key provision of the 1994 NAFTA agreement.
As a result of the agreement, the high tariffs imposed by Mexico on dozens of U.S. products will be suspended when full cross-border traffic begins. Allowing long-haul trucking between the U.S. and Mexico is anticipated to create additional jobs and greater opportunity for both nations. The U.S. agriculture sector alone was negatively affected by these tariffs by an estimated $153 billion.
Chief Executive Officer Joseph Caywood commented, “I believe the lifting of these restrictions and tariffs carries significant weight for Scorpex. Not only does this agreement give Scorpex access to cross-border travel as necessary, it potentially feeds increased export, manufacturing and distribution in Mexico, subsequently driving the need for increased disposal of industrial waste.”
With its first facility located near Ensenada, Mexico, 85 miles from the U.S. border, Scorpex anticipates processing 800 tons of waste per day once equipment is installed and the facility is fully operational. The demand for waste disposal in the Baja area is already much higher than that, ensuring steady demand and abundant prospects for future growth.
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