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Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. (GETH): One Man's Trash Is Another Man’s Crude Oil

|Includes: Green Envirotech Holdings, Corp. (GETH)

Gas prices and preserving the environment are two hot topics, and one company is endeavoring to address both with a patent-pending process that enables domestic production of oil as well as the eradication of certain kinds of waste from landfills.

Innovative technology company Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. has developed an oil conversion process that utilizes old tires and mixed plastics to produce a high grade of oil - revolutionizing the disposal of tires and plastic waste with technology components that are environmentally friendly, and cleaning up landfills at the same time.

Oil manufactured through the "GETH Process" doesn't need to be reprocessed and can be blended into most products that have been produced at a refinery. The process aligns with the company's mission of creating and commercializing technologies for producing Brent Grade "light sweet crude" oil without compromising food or land resources. By diverting mixed plastic and tires from landfills - which have little or no value of their own - GETH is able to convert them back into high-grade oil without ever drilling a hole.

The GETH Process, which has been reviewed and validated by an independent engineering firm, uses electromagnetic pyrolysis to produce GETH Oil, carbon black, syngas, and steel. Using electromagnetic pyrolysis enables faster processing without causing environmental impact.

Approximately 25,000 barrels of oil can be produced per month at a standard 12-system plant, which utilizes six systems for plastic and six systems for tire conversion. Each processing plant generates up to $40 million in gross revenue each year with projected 40% EBITDA.

Tire and plastic feedstock providers have been identified for GETH's first 10 selected regional plant sites and will be secured with refined multi-plant sites. The company's initial California sources and plant site have been secured.

In May of this year, GETH formed a global joint venture with Petrosonics, LLC, a privately held Nevada company whose diverse, internationally patented technology portfolio includes its award-winning ultrasound assisted oxidative desulfurization and heavy oil upgrade technology. GETH became a 51% owner of the newly formed venture with Petrosonics, LLC. Through the mutually beneficial relationship, Petrosonics' technology is working in synergy with GETH's business, and Petrosonics' existing patented technologies are being propelled into commercialization.

Together, these two companies are creating the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear - cleaning up landfills and providing a much-needed (and potentially highly lucrative) answer to an impending global oil crisis. While oil production and environmental preservation are generally at odds with each other, this trash-into-treasure technology may just be the ticket to satisfying economists and environmentalists alike.

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