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Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW) Aims for Best Mix of Solar Technologies

The use of solar panels for generating electricity, though still a small part of the total electricity generation industry, is growing so quickly that one would think the overall economy was booming. Greater efficiencies and falling prices are at last making solar power a realistic alternative for homes and businesses, and demand for solar has never been greater. The competition is now on to determine the most effective solar technologies, giving the consumer the biggest bang for their solar buck. The Sky Power Solutions approach is to combine the best of multiple solar related technologies, creating the most efficient and cost effective solar power solution for residential and small business size applications.
First of all, Sky Power uses a specially designed concentrating solar collector, having a solar concentration ratio that is much higher than that of a solar trough. In addition, due to the design’s unmatched orientation flexibility, it can be computer controlled to always point directly at the sun, further maximizing effectiveness. As a result, they are able to generate fluid temperatures in excess of 1380°F. The collectors are readily scalable, and can be used for individual generation or configured to support a central generator.
The Sky Power solar engine compresses the working fluid when it is cold, heating it, and then expanding it through a turbine or with a piston to produce mechanical power. The engine is coupled to an efficient electric generator to produce the final product.
The final part of the system is the potential use of advanced lithium ion battery technology for energy storage, although linking such a generation system with the grid could conceivably bypass even this need for some users. Sky Power again has an advantage, in that its former parent company, Li-ion Motors, is an award winning electric car developer, allowing Sky Power to work with leading-edge battery and power management technologies.
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