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LiveDeal, Inc. (LIVE) Brings Results To The Vast Small Business Community

|Includes: Live Ventures (LIVE)

Small business is the backbone of the American economy. Small business accounts for about $6 trillion annual GDP, creates the vast majority of new jobs in this country, and is the wellspring of innovation. These small companies are vital to the US economy and paramount for economic growth.

However the rapid rise and shifts in technology have shuttered the traditional avenues of advertising and marketing for these small to medium sized businesses. Newspapers are dead or dying, direct mail is junk mail, and the Yellow Pages are no longer gold. Just where does a small business go to get new customers, develop a loyal following, and establish brand identity?

Since today's consumer is mobile, online, and social. Most small companies throw up a basic web site; maybe try some Pay per Click Google ads, and ultimately resort to hiring someone to dance at an intersection and twirl a large sign to attract new customers. These disjointed efforts seldom succeed and small business struggles.

Finally there's a comprehensive one-stop solution for small business to generate new business. LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE), through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Velocity Marketing Concepts and Local Marketing Experts, creates individualized and affordable web based customer acquisition services for small businesses.

The LiveDeal solution was developed after years of extensive study on small businesses and their local marketing needs. After truly understanding the needs and challenges of small business, the findings were reverse-engineered and translated into one comprehensive solution, and the revolutionary Velocity Local solution was born. Small business owners can now receive one comprehensive solution that unifies all of the features and the unified platform needed to succeed in the digital marketing age.

LiveDeal uses state-of-the-art technologies to deliver best-in-breed online marketing solutions to small business customers. Their InstantAgency® suite of products provides small businesses with all the necessary tools to succeed in the new digital economy. LiveDeal creates and integrates mobile applications, social media awareness, effective search engine marketing, and customized customer retention and rewards programs. This puts a small business at the fingertips of consumers, enhances visibility and drives customer traffic in a fully managed platform. Small business benefits from the new digital demand and can focus on servicing customers and running their business.

The LiveDeal solution delivered through Velocity Local simplifies and answers today's complex digital marketing needs of small business. As The Wall Street Journal stated, "Velocity puts your business on the map…"

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As The Wall Street Journal stated, "Velocity puts your business on the map…"

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