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Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI) Reports Results Of Pre-Clinical Trial Of PLX Cells In Tendon Injury

|Includes: Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. (PSTI)

Pluristem Therapeutics is a leading developer of placenta-based cell therapies. Its patented PLX (PLacental eXpanded) cells are a drug delivery platform that releases a cocktail of therapeutic proteins to treat a number of ailments and diseases. The company has a strong intellectual property position and company-owned GMP certified manufacturing and research facilities.

The company announced today the results of a pre-clinical trial using its PLX cells in tendon injury. The study focused on the effects of PLX cells on rat patellar tendons that had sustained collagenase-induced injuries. The PLX-treated tendons demonstrated better early structural properties at two and four weeks when compared to saline-treated controls.

The evidence of this was the significantly higher load-to-failure properties at two weeks following injection. In addition, the demonstrated higher mean load-to-failure and stiffness properties were maintained at four weeks. The improvement in biomechanical properties could be related to the additional findings of a greater proteoglycan and collagen content seen at the tendon-bone interface of PLX-treated samples.

The principal investigator for the study was Dr. Scott Rodeo. He said, "Cell-based approaches clearly have great potential for the augmentation of connective tissue healing, as well as for tissue regeneration. As an 'off the shelf' cell source, PLX cells could provide an effective option to improve tendon healing."

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