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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO) Extends Patent Portfolio

|Includes: Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc. (NWBO)

Northwest Biotherapeutics is a biotechnology focused on developing personalized immunotherapy products to treat solid tumor cancers more effectively than currently available treatments. The goal for its therapies is to treat cancer without the toxicities associated with chemotherapies and do it on a cost-effective basis.

The company today announced an expansion of its patent portfolio. It has been issued another vital U.S. patent (#8,518,636) that covers a next generation process for manufacturing lower cost human dendritic cells of both a higher quality and reliability. This next generation system has already been cleared by the FDA for use in the manufacturing of the company's clinical trials.

Northwest Biotheraputics' next generation process automates certain key stages of the manufacturing process. Automating some or all of the process can eliminate the need for very expensive "GMP" clean rooms that require special air handling to maintain sterile air. At the center of the new manufacturing process are Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) machines. These provide an automated closed system for isolating the particular immune cells that become dendritic cells in the company's DCVax personalized immune therapies for cancer.

What is significant is that the dendritic cells produced through this process are manufactured using procedures that are more closely related to what is found in nature. The result is increased potency of the dendritic cells, which are the active agent in the DCVax products. This whole manufacturing process is a significant advance, and will help position the manufacturing of DCVax products for commercial scale-up in the future.

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