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Innovation From NanoString Technologies Inc. (NSTG)

|Includes: NanoString Technologies (NSTG)

Innovation is a keyword when related to NanoString Technologies. It is a corporation committed to providing the means by which scientists and clinicians are able to convert foremost research into improved patient care through clinical and actionable testing. This is achieved with their innovative product development, which enables them to reveal genomic information from limited amounts of tissue.

An example of the extraordinary services provided by this corporation is seen in the provision of life-science capabilities, via translational research and molecular diagnostic products, provided by their nCounter® Analysis System. This is an uncomplicated and cost effective method of profiling the expression of high volumes of genes or miRNA's. In addition, it provides the facility to copy, simultaneously, variations with a high degree of sensitivity and precision. This enables a wide and varied source of applications for basic and translational research, which includes biomarker discovery and validation.

NanoString Technologies has the distinction of developing the first nCounter-based in vitro diagnostic kit. Known as the Prosigna™ Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay, it is based on the PAM50 gene signature and is available in countries where the CE Mark is established, such as the European Union, in which Prosigna is registered.

Research into cancer is generally conducted with the use of biopsies. These are formatted in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) that has the affect of complicating subsequent genetic material analysis. Using the nCounter® Analysis System, cancer researchers worldwide are able to measure and record any subtle changes in genomic activity in very small FFPE samples. A further advantage is that there is little or no performance degradation in comparison to fresh/frozen tissue analysis.

The nCounter system provides an original support for translational research. This is due to its ability in providing greater reproducible results than other methods that require amplification. Leading researchers and institutions have established that the NanoString nCounter system offers the perfect foundation for validating their discoveries and their translation into diagnostic assays that are clinically beneficial.

There is increasing adoption of the NanoString's nCounter® Analysis System by various organizations conducting cancer research, biomarker validation, screening and future-generation sequencing validation. The provision of simple, multiplexed digital profiling of single molecules has enabled researchers to advance into studies that were previously beyond consideration.

The advances made in genomic research are providing a huge momentum in personalized medicine that is increasing innovation regarding the general care of patients. Diagnostic tests that are genomic based demonstrate the capacity to identify hallmark, genetic changes that influence many and varied diseases, amongst which, is cancer! The NanoString's nCounter Analysis System provides the precision, reproducibility and mobility needed for local centers to attain a diagnostic clarity level, previously only available from a central laboratory.

There is an inherent dedication within NanoString Technologies. It has created a corporate belief that their new and innovative approach to complex genomic analysis has the capacity to transform the current paradigm. This will be achieved by the creation of comprehensive personalized diagnosis for patients around the world.

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