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PositiveID Corp. (PSID) iglucose™ System Offers Better Outcomes and Lower Costs to Healthcare System

|Includes: PositiveID Corp. (PSID)

PositiveID Corp., a company that develops medical devices and biological detection systems, focusing primarily on diabetes management, rapid medical testing, and airborne bio-threat detection, has developed the iglucose™ system to bring the future technology of diabetes management to consumers. A comprehensive video has been made to present the many benefits of the iglucose™ system, which can be found at

The very powerful yet simple to use iglucose mobile health system has been designed to work with popular glucose meters already in the market. It will also be integrated to work together with a cutting edge product that is currently in development and getting closer to coming to market from PositiveID – the company’s noninvasive (no needles or pricks involved) breath-based glucose tester called Easy Check™. This breakthrough product will allow the user to blow into the device to get their glucose readings. These readings can then be transmitted with the iglucose system for desired persons to read and monitor. The breath-based glucose meter is now ready for pre-trial testing and is heading towards U.S. Food and Drug Administration submission.

iglucose has already been submitted to the US FDA and is pending clearance.

For more information on PositiveID Corp., visit their company website at

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