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Neoprobe Corp. (NEOP) is “One to Watch”

|Includes: Navidea Biopharmaceuticals (NAVB)

Neoprobe Corp. has quickly risen to dominate in ILM (intraoperative lymphatic mapping, a minimally invasive lymph node biopsy) cancer surgery markets as the only gamma detection systems developer which simultaneously is refining both its radiotracers and detection hardware. Additionally, the Company has a rapidly growing investigational initiative program focused on innovative radiotracing agents and ACT, or activated cellular therapies, under majority-owned subsidiary, Cira Biosciences, Inc.

Among the detection systems, probes and ancillary devices marketed by NEOP worldwide is a wide variety of wired/wireless options for what has become recognized as a vitally important procedure for cancer patients, where the lymph node tissues can be more easily examined for the spread of cancer. The Neoprobe® GDS gamma detection system is at the heart of the GDS Console developed by the Company as well, which was engineered from the ground up to deliver a zero-calibration, highly-customizable and easy to use all-in-one console, enabling speedy work by healthcare professionals. The GDS Console is able to display multiple radionuclide windows at the same time and is instantly user selectable so multiple users can use it without a problem or having to slow down.

Because solid tumor cancers most often spread via the lymphatic system to other tissues, the ILM procedure has become more and more a de facto standard approach. ILM involves using a tracing agent which is then detected, and because the Company has such a strong portfolio of competencies in detection technology, the tracing agents developed under the investigational initiative are finely tuned to the hardware used for detection, resulting in superior performance.

The Company’s proprietary radioactive tracing agent Lymphoseek® is secured via an exclusive worldwide license agreement with UC San Diego and is ideally suited for ILM. Activated cellular therapy technology has wide ranging applications as well, with deep impact in patient-specific oncology and diseases of the autoimmune system, or with viral infections like HIV/AIDS or hepatitis. The Company’s RIGScan CR system fuses a patented hand-held detection probe and proprietary radio-labeled targeting agents that are cancer-specific, thus allowing surgeons to achieve extremely thorough removal of cancer tissues and better patient results.

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