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ForceField Energy, Inc. (FNRG) Takes Distinctive Lead In Key Segments Of Renewable Energy Market

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In 1978, the National Energy Act marked a monumental onset for the research and development of renewable energy, though the push for such standards started in the 1960s as Congress began to push legislation to protect natural resources (via the National Environmental Policy Act and Clean Air Act of 1969, for example). The renewable energy market in its relatively brief but rapid evolution has created a vast amount of competitive opportunities for renewable energy companies and their innovative technologies and applications.

Today, the multi-billion dollar renewable energy market is on the fast-track, expected to reach approximately $500 billion by 2017 with industrial waste heat recovery and conversion, and commercial LED lighting products leading the way.

U.S.-based small-cap renewable technology provider ForceField Energy, early-on recognized the industry's trends and trajectory, and has positioned itself to obtain a meaningful market share in the aforementioned key segments.

Focusing on industrial waste heat recovery and conversion, ForceField has a 51 percent ownership in its TransPacific Energy (TPE) subsidiary, which has patented a technology that uses "waste heat" from various industry processes and other sources and converts it into clean electricity. The technology's unique features unlock a myriad of new applications.

Through its exclusive multinational distribution agreement with Lightsky, a leading LED provider to large commercial and institutional users, ForceField also has a foothold in the LED lighting segment, which is growing at a 32- percent compound growth rate. Experts estimate that in the next five to 10 years, the world will transition from incandescent and fluorescent fixtures to LED technology to take advantage of reduced energy consumption and other advantageous variants.

As an international manufacturer, distributor and licensee of alternative energy products and solutions, ForceField's operations and business model are planted in two of the fastest growing and most promising segments of the renewable energy market.

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