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ERF Wireless (ERFB) is “One to Watch”

ERF Wireless was founded with the goal of providing wireless broadband technology to rural wireless service markets in North America, as well as to specialized vertical markets such as banking and the oil/gas industry. ERF has now become one of the largest wireless Internet service providers in the country, and is a leading provider of secure wireless networks for the regional banking industry. ERF serves customers in nine primarily mountain and south central states and two Canadian provinces.

The company’s rapid but carefully orchestrated growth rests largely on its aggressive acquisition of 16 competing wireless broadband networks in these largely rural markets, together with the expansion of wireless coverage where needed. ERF has also developed several master service agreements with wireless companies throughout much of the U.S. and Canada, further extending its reach. In addition to traditional rural residential and commercial customers, the company serves regional banks, healthcare institutions, educational institutions, and various enterprises. Service areas include Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and North Dakota where a new regional office is being opened.

Today one of the fastest growing markets for ERF is the oil and gas industry. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Energy Broadband, Inc., ERF now serves the wireless broadband needs of the industry throughout rural North America. Carefully located acquisitions have given the company the largest wireless broadband network in North America’s principal oil and gas regions. As the industry’s software has become more sophisticated, and associated communications requirements have increased, standard satellite links are proving ineffective, creating a need for superior land-based solutions. ERF Wireless has become the preferred answer, addressing the large and growing demand. The company plans to expand operations, opening up new service regions and adding new products.

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