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Boston Therapeutics, Inc. (BTHE) Receives Positive Highlight At Seeking Alpha

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In a Seeking Alpha article published on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, Boston Therapeutics was highlighted as a biopharmaceutical company with promising investor potential. The article pointed to factors such as the company's potentially "blockbuster" treatment for diabetes and its experienced management as reasons for its growing attractiveness among biomedical stocks.

The article also made note of Boston Therapeutics' founder, chairman, and CEO, Dr. David Platt, and his focused mission on reversing the onset of diabetes globally. Dr. Platt's determination to slow, if not reverse, the onset of diabetes seems well-grounded. According to the World Health Organization, in just 2000 177 million people worldwide had diabetes. The organization projects that number will increase to 300 million people by 2025, and estimates there are 4 million deaths a year across the globe due to the disease. In just the United States alone, the American Diabetes Association estimates that over 25 million children and adults have diabetes, of which 27% remains undiagnosed. Reverting back to the global focus, the effects and economic impact of diabetes are noted to be tremendous as well. The debilitating and chronic effects of diabetes, its rapid onset in the global population, and its costly implications have led the World Health Organization to classify the disease as a global epidemic.

Seeking Alpha highlighted that Dr. Platt is a world-renowned carbohydrate chemistry expert who was educated at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prior to founding Boston Therapeutics, he founded and directed three other companies, Pro-Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (today known as Galectin Therapeutics), SafeScience, Inc., and the International Gene Group, in which he helped generate almost $1 billion in investor returns. He has since turned to harnessing the therapeutic power of complex carbohydrate chemistry to combat diabetes at Boston Therapeutics.

In regard to Boston Therapeutics' treatment for diabetes, PAZ320, Dr. Platt spoke of the drug's medical potential in an interview with earlier this year. Noting that PAZ320 would have a positive breakthrough for pre-diabetics and all diabetics alike, he mentioned the well-established link between high blood sugar and diabetes and how the drug moves to lower blood sugar by blocking enzymes that digest sugars in the intestine during digestion. He noted that in a Phase II clinical study, PAZ320 was found to lower the elevation of blood glucose by 40% post-meal.

Speaking of the drug's medical impact, Dr. Platt, in the same interview, opined, "The drug may reverse diabetes," indicating perhaps something of its viability as a biomedical solution. Backed by the "bring-to-market" efforts of Boston Therapeutics' executive management team, which has over 100 years of combined experience of c-level executive leadership, corporate finance and company operations finessing, bio-medical product innovation, and corporate consulting, the drug may indeed have the makings of being one of the next-generation scientific and medical innovations.

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