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VolitionRx Ltd. (VNRX) Cancer Diagnostic Test Could Revolutionize Early Detection – Technology Featured In CBSNew York Article

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Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths. While the statistics are alarming, early detection can dramatically reduce these numbers.

In the past, blood tests to detect cancer hit stumbling blocks since many biomarkers are triggered for non-cancer reasons. Now, researchers in Europe conducting research on a new examination that focuses specifically on genetic markers unique to cancer.

As CBSNew York reported earlier this week, the small-cap company behind a new non-invasive diagnostic tool is in the process of making significant advances to non-invasive colorectal cancer detection. To read the full article visit

VolitionRx has developed a non-invasive blood sample test that can detect 85 percent of colorectal cancer cases. The test also has the ability to detect 50 percent of growths that are set-up with potential to turn cancerous.

As the article explains, research is ongoing. The company thus far has only studied about 200 people, though VolitionRx anticipates that the blood test may be available in Europe in the next two years.

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