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Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR) Announces New Rio De Janeiro Location

|Includes: Chanticleer Holdings (BURG)

Hooters Brazil, in partnership with Chanticleer Holdings, is establishing a fourth Hooters location in Brazil with its inauguration projected for April 2014. This new location is the first outside the state of São Paulo. With 690 square-meters, the unit will be installed in the Carrefour Barra project, with a 300-seat capacity. The other units in Brazile are all in the state of São Paulo; two in the capital (in Vila Olímpia - since 2010 and in Mooca - inaugurated in 2012) and one in the ABC region, in the city of Santo André (opened in August of this year).

In addition to Rio, Hooters Brazil and Chanticleer Holdings also intend to bring the Hooters brand to Goiânia, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo and Paraná. Chanticleer Holdings already operates in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Emperor's Palace in South Africa; Campbelltown in Australia; Budapest, in Hungary and Nottingham, England. Its goal is to develop the restaurant's expansion outside the United States. Expansion in the US is entirely conducted by Hooters of America.

The Rio de Janeiro location is anticipated to join the list of highest grossing units outside the United States. In the year of 2012, Hooters Vila Olímpia was the third unit that generated the most profit around the globe, not including the US restaurants, losing only to Tokyo and Singapore. "The sports events that will take place in 2014 (World Up) and 2016 (Olympic Games) will considerably drive the market, including the food and beverages sector. Furthermore, the store's profile has everything to do with the 'cariocas' lifestyle," said Marcel Gholmieh, partner of all Hooters units in Brazil.

One of the reasons for Hooters' success in Brazil is due to the Brazilians' great acceptance of casual dining. The famous Chicken Wings along with the ice-cold draught Devassa pitcher (1.8-liter jar) are the main highlights. In addition, the concept that blends the sports bar style to broadcasting sports on the several TVs spread throughout the restaurant has everything to win over the 'cariocas' and the tourists. And of course, the famous Hooters Girls: one of the chain's trademarks.

Furthermore, a few adaptations were included to please the Brazilian palate even further, such as the 'pastel' (fried pastry) portion and 'caipirinhas', which do not exist in the international menu, as well as other options for lunch dishes.

Children also receive special attention. Similar to all other units, Hooters Rio also includes a space and menu developed exclusively for the little ones. The objective of all these adaptations is to increasingly attract families and balance the amount of men and women that attend the establishment.

The environment remains with its nonchalant aspect, including vintage signs, paintings, special lighting, among other items. The wooden tables and counters are also striking characteristics.

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