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Numbeer, Inc. (NUMB) Makes Electric Fleet Vehicle Sale To City Of Berkeley California

|Includes: eFleets Corporation (EFLT)

Numbeer subsidiary, Good Earth Energy Conservation, a provider of electric fleet vehicles for the essential services market, has received a purchase order for one Firefly® Essential Service Vehicle (NYSE:ESV) from the City of Berkeley, Calif., representing the first Firefly ESV in the city's fleet of approximately parking enforcement vehicles.

This sale leveraged the reach of one of Good Earth Energy's dynamic network of dealers, Santa Clara-based Turf and Industrial Equipment Company, and marks one of many anticipated deals.

"This purchase order from the City of Berkeley is another indicator of the interest we are seeing for the Firefly in Northern California," John Matheny, president of Turf and Industrial Equipment Company stated in the news release. "We currently have an installed base of customers throughout our region and once we present the economic and environmental benefits of the Firefly to our customers, we're seeing immediate interest in purchases. We expect to sell a lot more Firefly ESVs in the future. They make economic sense for the customer."

Based on usage estimates and relative fuel prices for service vehicles, the three-wheeled Firefly is expected to achieve annual cost savings of $8,000 - $10,000, as compared to the cost of using a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

"Berkeley is committed to sustainable energy and development. We look forward to integrating the zero-emissions Firefly into our parking enforcement fleet to reduce our city's operating costs and improve our energy efficiency," commented Noel Pinto, Parking Enforcement Manager, City of Berkeley.

Good Earth Energy CEO James Emmons emphasized the benefit of Firefly's energy efficient features for entities frequently utilizing vehicles to perform a duty such as in parking enforcement.

"Parking enforcement is a usage application which our Firefly meets perfectly. Municipalities use parking enforcement vehicles an average of 40 hours per week," said Emmons. "Traditional gas powered vehicles are burning fuel at a national cost average of over $3.50 per gallon, while emitting carbon dioxide, and causing wear and tear on the vehicles, which will require more service and maintenance, thus creating constantly rising operating costs. The Firefly has fewer moving parts, requires less maintenance, is a zero emissions electric vehicle and costs less than $0.02 per mile to operate."

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