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Methes Energies International Ltd. (MEIL) Is The Unique “Biodiesel Franchisor”

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Methes Energies International Ltd., a renewable energy company, provides innovative products, services, and solutions to large-scale and small-scale biodiesel producers and entrepreneurs seeking the independence of producing their own fuel. More importantly, Methes offers its clients a distinctive business model that is comparable to the support provided by the "franchisor" of the fast food industry and provides a cutting-edge advantage in the production of biodiesel.

Right from the start, Methes works together with its clients and assists with setting up their biodiesel production facilities. From obtaining government incentives and permits to site layout and compliance, Methes lends a hand. Next, the company supports its clients with the day-to-day operation of their business. Methes sells raw materials for biodiesel production to its network of biodiesel producers; sells its clients biodiesel production; and provides its clients with proprietary software to operate and control their processors. Methes also remotely monitors the quality and characteristics of its clients' production with an around-the-clock system, upgrades and repairs their processors, and advises clients on adjusting their processes to improve the quality of their biodiesel.

Methes operates on the belief that its success is directly linked to the success of its clients. The company continues to capitalize on the growing demand for renewable energy, surging energy prices, and the value of biodiesel fuel as a viable, long-lasting replacement for conventional diesel fuel. The company not only commits its strength, experience, and efforts to the making of biodiesel but also to extensive research and development and all aspects of the engineering, manufacturing, production, logistic, marketing, and distribution processes.

Founded in 2004 and based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Methes develops cutting-edge biodiesel processors, pre-treatment systems, and other solutions that address real and specific biodiesel production challenges. The company designs and installs biodiesel processing systems under the Denami 600 and Denami 3000 brands through a number of subsidiaries. Additionally, Methes produces and sells biodiesel fuel produced at its Ontario facilities to customers throughout North America, where the demand is sizeable. The company is also poised for global expansion with a focus on Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, where the need for biodiesel is rising.

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