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IsoRay's (ISR) Cesium-131 Seeded Mesh Being Utilized By University Of California-San Diego And John Muir Medical Center

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Medical technology company IsoRay, an innovator in seed brachytherapy and medical radioisotope applications, announced that two new medical centers are using its sutured seeds in mesh for the treatment of colon and lung cancers.

IsoRay is encouraged by the number of new facilities that are noting successes achieved by other major cancer centers where the company's Cesium-131 sutured seeds are being made available to patients.

"We are excited to have the University of California and John Muir Medical Center as our newest thought leaders utilizing Cesium-131 products for newly diagnosed and recurrent cancers where other treatments have previously failed," said IsoRay CEO Dwight Babcock. "Currently, all of our studies in multiple medical centers are performing well with positive results in treating brain cancers, meningioma tumors, pelvic wall, lung cancer, colon cancer, gynecologic cancer and prostate cancer with our Cesium-131 product line. We are making a difference in thousands of lives by providing new ideas and solutions in the battle against cancer and we believe Cesium-131 is the isotope of the future."

The company's Cesium-131 sutured seeds, stranded mesh, and the GliaSite radiation therapy system each enable doctors to directly place a specific radiation dosage in areas where cancer is most likely to remain after brain tumor removal has been completed. Being able to precisely place a specified dosage of radiation means less likelihood of damage occurring to healthy brain and lung tissue and critical structures, as compared with other alternative treatments. Cancer-fighting products provided by IsoRay reduce a tumor's ability to recur, resulting in important longevity and quality of life benefits.

Cesium-131, the first new isotope to be available in seed form for brachytherapy in around two decades, is exclusively manufactured by IsoRay. Cesium-131 enables precise treatment of various cancers due to its unparalleled blend of high energy and its 9.7-day half-life.

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