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MeetMe, Inc. (MEET) Mobile Ad Inventory Smoothly Transitioned To Pinsight Media+ Platform, Major Boon For 2014 CPM Rates

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MeetMe, which has established a massive social discovery presence through ingenious use of gaming and highly engaging apps that help people make new friends and meet, reported seamless transition of their mobile ad inventory to the Pinsight Media+™ platform today, with content delivery already underway.

This initiative represents brilliant execution of the company's ramp into tighter advertising rates for 2014, with premium cost per impression (CPM) metrics captured as a result of the smooth integration with Pinsight (Sprint's mobile advertising division), whose audience targeting technology reaches deep into a set comprised of millions of mobile user's first-party data. This implementation of the contract signed back in November with Pinsight, to sell substantially all of MEET's inventory on the platform, fuses the company's uniquely powerful market dynamics with Pinsight's enormous network scale and publishing flexibility, taking full advantage of MeetMe's attractive user demographics and the performance strength of their ad units.

CEO of MEET, Geoff Cook, anticipating "significantly better" mobile ad rates on average in 2014 as a result of this agreement, explained that a projected 15%-plus jump in mobile CPM over what the company pulled down in Q4 this year forms the basis of a strong foundation for MEET's long-term growth strategy. Cook cited an incremental $4.1M in mobile revenue over the course of 2013 could have been obtained if this agreement had been in place, clearly showcasing the fact that over half their mobile app users are already exposed to the platform and that their characteristics are bullish for rapid adoptance, with exposure projected at 100% within the next few weeks.

The strength of that user base has been a huge key to MEET's success and the company's proficiency at cultivating mobile-driven communities is apparent, as 60% or more of their traffic is attributable to mobile users, with deployment hitting every major mobile platform, either via the site or platform-specific apps in multiple languages. With guaranteed CPM rates through 2014 via the agreement, MEET is now primed for explosive growth.

CRO of MEET, Bill Alena, echoed Cook's sentiments and went on to explain that the vast ad impression space Pinsight manages, with billions of impressions spanning an entire digital landscape of owned/operated properties, grants the company optimum targeting impact. With powerful tools like behavioral and interest graph targeting driven by a huge database of raw location and demographic data, MEET will now be serving ads in a far more focused way than ever before.

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